Pentecostal Apostolic Preachers

TitleSubjectDelivered By
Wind MadnessPaul Mooney
ToleranceWilliam Garrett
Trophies In HellT.G. McNeeley
The Purpose Is Greater Than The PassionJames Varnum
Three Words That Can Change Your LifeCurtis Young
God Doing Business As JesusJohnny James
Amnon Had A FriendJerry Jones
The Miracle Is Looking For A VesselJeff Arnold
Committed to the SeaR.E.Johnson
Without FaithSam Emory
The Miracle ChurchN.A. Urshan
Unexplainable But UndeniableJeff Arnold
The CowsN.J. Wilson
Handwriting On The WallCarl Joseph Ballestero
The Truth Randy Keyes

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