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Read This...Seriously! – is a collection of favorite poems and anecdotes Joe Savala has used while preaching and teaching throughout the nation. This collection combined with Joe's Biblical commentary and life application thoughts makes for a spiritually challenging and humorous ride through the corridors of a serious mind...seriously! 

"On these pages you will feel his passion for life and living, you will witness his hunger for the things of God and yes, you will chuckle as you look into his "out of the box" humor. This man addresses life with a curios look, candid questions and a contagious grin. Whether preaching, singing or painting, if you look close enough you will find a man living his life to the fullest while doing his best to please the Master.....enjoy the read, I did."

Pastor Stephen Buxton, Chula Vista, CA (Hilltop Tabernacle)



review posted by Pennie Weise on 05-23-2016
I read your book "Seriously!" this morning, a delight displaying both thoughtfulness and humor.
"One More Move" on p. 9 refuted the advice I got from grade school friends: "If at first you don't succeed, forget it. Don't be stupid!" But far better advice that you noted came from Micah 7:8, "When I fall, I shall arise." God always has the last word and best recommendation.
Under the category of ROFLOL was "Change" on p. 12. I generally can forecast the punch line in an anecdote, but when I got to the fourth paragraph, I was humorously surprised...and a tad revolted. Yuk! But the first mate did remind me of some student teachers I've known....
The last paragraph of the book, however, brought tears to my eyes. That is my prayer, also.
Thank you, Bro. Savala!

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