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September 23, 2017, 10:15 PM

Google Me Jesus

Gone are the days of Open Bible Conferences...just plain Bible teaching without "dynamic, throw down, off the chain, tear the roof off, break every chain, shout down, run away" hype. The emphasis is now upon action rather than substance. Faithless is the preacher that says otherwise.

Many folks cannot sit through a half hour of Bible teaching. It is the hallmark of the TV culture and instant answers - a Google me generation.

The lack of Bible doctrine teaching is reflected in the feel good Jesus is my boyfriend Christian bling bling songs. Doctrinal teaching and preaching has been replaced by the politically correct social gospel. No condemnation, shame, or guilt. Jesus loves everyone just as they are and there is no reason to be saved from sin cuz Jesus is cool like that.

With more access to information there is less retention of what is learned. Digital technology has reduced the average attention span to 5 seconds, ten years ago it was 12 minutes. Research shows that more knowledge is retained by hand writing because it involves more cognitive retention skills.

Bible study is not just the telling of information but engaging the congregation through Bible reading and them following along in text - one of the reasons I'm not a big fan of verses on the wall is that people no longer follow in their own Bibles, if they even bring one to church,  because they've become intellectually lazy.

Searching the scriptures is almost unheard of - Google me Jesus is much faster and fits our impatient, busy, and non reflective lifestyles. Look it up in a book? Actually write it down? Never! It's much easier to do a word search, copy and paste and get on with my life.

Google me Jesus...I'm trying to possess my soul with impatience.


09-26-2017 at 4:26 PM
Rick McGuffey
I enjoy reading this blog... It's insightful, witty, and written by a good friend of mine. :)
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