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  June 2018  
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Hello! Welcome to the JPS Ministries website. Since you're here, grab your favorite beverage and chillax.

Here, you will find revival reports, thought provoking commentary, uplifting music, audio dramatizations, and soul stirring Gospel preaching.  So, listen, read, download, and be blessed in the only saving, wonderful, glorious, and powerful name...JESUS!!!

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Phone (909)528-5437
Apostolic Music Artist

Wayfaring Stranger is one my favorite Christian music projects that has been produced in some time. Bro Jonathan Alvear is a solid anointed singer. His rendition of classic Christian Pentecostal standards is inspired. I especially enjoy the different musical styles that accompany Holy Ghost filled singing. 

You owe it to yourself to check out Bro Alvear's project. Be blessed in Jesus name!